Be an Angel


Be an Angel

What is an angel investor?

An angel investor is an individual, who provides financial resources to start-ups, supporting them all through their path to success.

The business angel invests in the project that he believes in the most, helping it come to life with its own financial resources and expertise (smart money).


Does an angel investor provide only capital?

Of course the capital invested is the first stage on the investor vs start-up relationship, but along with that financial step come several responsibilities that can be very helpful to a new start-up. An angel investor brings his management know-how and a network of contacts that can help the new project to get traction and returns much faster.


How to become an angel investor?

The Angel investing journey has several steps that need to be followed and involves many different skills that can be learned and shared with peers. Many questions arise from the day an Angel Investor starts looking at new investment opportunities and decides to invest until he finally divests, and APBA can certainly help answer many of them.

The issues along the ride are related to:

  • Business: where to invest, how to find projects, how can I give support to the companies and where can I find other investors;
  • Legal: templates or investment agreements and risk mitigation clauses;
  • Fiscal: existing incentives and divesting impacts.

With its accumulated experience in the sector, existing member’s network that have complimentary skills and backgrounds, APBA’s focus is to provide the right tools and contacts to assure that every member can be a better Angel Investor, learning and sharing best practices.

Certification to be an Angel Investor

In case the Business Angel wants to apply to Public co-investment funds, the investor must be certified by IAPMEI.