Message from the President

João Trigo da Roza

Message from the President of APBA

Dear friends,

Our Association owes its start to the vision of a select group of managers and entrepreneurs who, in 2006, thought it’s time to boost the business angel activity and, thus, support the development of a new type of entrepreneurship in our country. A lot has taken place since then, but it is clear that today our entrepreneur ecosystem is light years away from what it was in 2006.

Today, the angel investment is a reality in which the members of the APBA actively participate in a collaborative manner within this ecosystem, as simultaneously one witnesses the flourishing of other components, such as investment vehicles, venture capital funds, business accelerators, idea contests, entrepreneurship programs for students at various levels of education, among others.

In a context where the country was faced with its structural weaknesses, business angels and early stage investors, like those of this ecosystem, persist in contributing to a new reality of economic development, helping to unleash the potential of achievement that is still far from being attained.

Despite the fact that the recent years have been very difficult for all, one can say that the activity of our members did not slow down, but rather, quite to the contrary, has given strong signs of vitality.

Undoubtedly, the challenges are great.

I mention only a few, briefly, in keeping with the purpose of this short message:

– Articulation of the various stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, particularly between the public and private sector, in a complementary manner;

– Support for the internationalisation of projects that business angels are currently investing in and for which they are conducting second rounds of investment;

– Need to develop super-business angels or micro VCs;

– Differentiated fiscal stimulus for start-ups and angel investment;

This list could go on, but the above mentioned points are the main challenges that   prompt us to action and I am sure that the members of the APBA will continue to generously seek to create the conditions to overcome them.

Congratulations and many thanks to all!

João Trigo da Roza,

President of the APBA Board